Oksana Lavrentieva closes brand Alexander Terekhov

Oksana explained her decision by the fact that she wants to free up resources to create a "company named after herself": Rusmoda will be renamed Oxana Lavrentieva & Co., and her own clothing brand OLOLOL will replace Alexander Terekhov and Terekhov Girl. Terekhov will no longer be able to launch clothes under his brand. Alexander, himself, in turn, refrained from commenting.
"Now my personality became my brand: I am becoming more and more trusted; the number of my subscribers is growing. And I want to put all my effort into myself. It's time to stop hiding under someone else's name.
Working on my collections, I look closely at real people, at my friends. Therefore, the main ambassadors of the project will be me, my team and my friends. There will be no models, never - only real people. Honestly, now, after 10 years in fashion industry, I hate fashion. All this seems to me pointless, far-fetched, empty, having nothing to do with happiness or real life!" - said Oksana in her interview to blueprint.