Marni Accused of Racism Over a New Campaign

New accusation of racism and this time not evidence-free.
Marni's new campaign entitled "Jungle Mood," shot by African-Brazilian photographer Edgar Azevedo and creative director Giovanni Bianco born in Brazil, according to the label, glorified the beauty of African-Brazilian culture.
But in fact, in one of the photos, the legs of one of the black models were decorated with chains (scroll photos here), looking like the ones used to restrain the feet or ankles of slaves. In addition, Marni's White Queen white flip flops, decorated with large rhinestones, with the brand name written with red strokes resembling blood.
And then just without a hitch: the brand was accused of racism, the photos were deleted and in the Marni's account, instead of the advertising campaign, there are now official accusations, nothing new. That was the idea of the campaign: trolling and remorse, right?