Gucci Launched a New Instagram Account

The new instagram account @gucciEquilibrium was created with the aim of informing the public about eco-friendly brand initiatives and achievements in the field of sustainable development. The brand is to demonstrate actions aimed at reducing environmental impacts and protecting nature while supporting human rights.
The core of this ideology is people and the planet, gucciEquilibrium is made up of Gucci commitments and actions. Now, the Instagram account has posted on gender equality and environmental protection.
The content and the main Instagram account of the brand’s account has recently called for increased responsibility as well, highlighting the same issues. Earlier we talked about Alessandro Michele’s quarantine diaries and calls for informed and environmentally friendly consumption.
And can we just have a Flora silk scarf like Grace Kelly had and an ostrich leather bag with a bamboo handle, please? On this occasion, we even dressed up some naked equal people from the new campaign the smartest!