Prada And Adidas Original Reveal Their New Collaboration

One could call this article: “Just now: 37,000 instead of 7,000! Hurry up and buy!"These Adidas Original Superstar sneakers are still the same Superstar sneakers, but crafted by Prada.
Now you are free to choose between the two, the difference is only in their price and, as is stated in the official press release, in the "Made in Italy" label, which is a clear proof of a high craftsmanship and impeccable quality.
Of course, the new sneakers bear the twinned logos of Prada and adidas Originals to make it visible to the naked eye that the Prada for adidas Limited Edition combines the incompatible: craftsmanship, luxury style and super practicality of sports footwear. It sounds absurd, but it was not our idea!
Collaborations are undeniably a great driving force, and this one will also be successful, but why all of them always have a note of deception? After all, we already knew that the Superstar sneakers are super durable, so why sell Adidas Prada under the motto: "And now the quality is superb, we made them in Italy"?