Will the Jacquemus Fall - Winter 2020/2021

Will the Jacquemus Fall - Winter 2020/2021 Collection be the last?

Yesterday, the Russian media released the news that the Jacquemus Collection autumn - winter 2020/2021 will be the last, after three hours they apologized for the fake. The news was written off from the telegrams of the channel where it seems they made a mistake with the translation

“I’m not used to thinking in numbers and focusing on profit – I’ve managed to understand that this is not the most important thing in life over 10 years of working in the industry. One does not have to be a designer or an artist - the world is full of opportunities and now is the time to use them. I want to take this opportunity and feel truly free.” - Said  Simon Port Jacquemus
Simon Port Jacquemus celebrated the 10th anniversary of his brand on June 24, 2019. On this occasion, he arranged a vivid show in the south of France, where he spent his childhood. The “poppy” appeal of Provence lavender fields turned out to be an incredibly exquisite decoration. Simon Port Jacquemus founded his brand when he was 19 years old. He devotes his collections to his mother, and his brand is named after her and his native south of France. 
So, everything is calm, exhale slowly and order a micro bag!