Matthew Williams new creative director Givenchy

Matthew Williams is the New Creative Director at Givenchy

Matthew Williams is an LVMH Award winning designer, Bella Hadid's favorite, Kanye West’s protégé, and now Givenchy’s new creative director. Prior to joining Givenchy, Matthew Williams was known as the founder of Alyx, a label he named after his daughter and creative director of Lady Gaga, whom he had been dating for quite some time. There is an opinion that Williams' position on sustainable development can change the vector of luxury business. With an eco-conscious practice at the core of Alyx - including use of recycled textiles and anhydrous dyeing techniques - Williams may bring sustainability at Givenchy to the fore. For example, Alyx has its Code of Ethics that includes many social and environmental rules, and also a scanned QR code displaying the entire history of the clothing supply chain, including information about the origin of raw materials, production factory and method of delivery. 
We recall that 8 years ago following his triumph at Lanvin, Albert Elbaz could take the post of creative director, but he declined.