Yana Rudkovskaya Banned Rita Dakota from Participating in a Louis Vuitton Giveaway

Recently, the fashion house Louis Vuitton has released a short film with animated characters dedicated to the new menswear collection. Very colourful and conceptual film that we recommend watching. And, please, do not be confused by the comments on Instagram under the post with the cartoon: all this flurry of indignation in the form of emoji, with the most popular ones being 🤢🤮💩👎, are addressed to Yana Rudkovskaya.
Yana, who calls herself a friend of the brand Louis Vuitton, banned Rita Dakota from participating in Louis Vuitton Instagram handbag giveaway. Details of the conflict can be found here.
We expect to see the official reaction of the brand, as in our imagination the activity of the brand ambassadors should correspond to the concepts of advertising campaigns and brand values, but nothing like this.