Prada new runway

Joint Show of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons Took Place

Finally there was a show, which was very fashionable to wait for! Since March 2020, when Raf Simons was appointed to the position of co-creative director of PRADA, the fashion world was waiting, eager, and fantasizing. 
Now this show is very fashionable to discuss and it does not depend on what was shown there.  
Fashionable means fashionable, let's go! 
A duet of two impeccable geniuses naturally could not fail even according to scenario! 
The ‘wow’ effect wasn’t even overshadowed by the relocation of the event into ‘online’ shortly before the show itself. 
“Miuccia's femininity and Raf's futurism have finally united,” the headlines of fashion magazines shout. “Why has the logo increased so much? Miuccia has always treated it so delicately,” fashion critics argued behind the screen at the CDL restaurant at a closed show for Russian slick magazines.  
“OMG so cute”, Telegram channels wrote, reacting to Miuccia's answer to a 10 year old girl, asking after the show how to become a designer and fulfill her dream. 
No one’s indifferent, as the status of the event’s supposed to be.  
“Learn more, read, watch movies and look for your individuality,” Miuccia replied to the girl.  
Does it seem not new?  
Exactly the same as the whole fashion circus!