Patchwork di Sicilia - new collection from Dolce & Gabbana

Patchwork di Sicilia - new collection from Dolce and Gabbana

The collection is inspired by the Italian island of Sicily and its contrasts and culture. Each garment was made by the Dolce & Gabbana team single-handedly. "We cut new fabrics and sew them together with those that we already had at home," say the brand's designers in IG.
“The patchwork technique symbolizes the union of different types of cultures.
Our goal is to make each copy really unique”, added the designers.
Have you imagined Domenico and Stefano with scissors in their hands sewing the fabric shreds? Just in time for the show and to make each piece unique, original and convey to the consumer all the values of the collection.
All for you, little fans of the big brand!